The Business

Surefire Franchise Developments initiated the launch of PostNet in South Africa in 1994, and in 1995 Cash Converters was introduced. During the ensuing four-year period, Surefire successfully franchised over a hundred PostNet stores and several Cash Converters.

Surefire’s message to its partners is simple:

“Be in business for yourself, not by yourself”.

Surefire Franchise Development Services’ stated mission is to generate growth through the creation of wealth.

To this end, Surefire focuses on 3 key issues:

  • To ensure franchisee success by providing hands-on operational supervision.
  • To develop and grow value-added exportable brands.
  • To vigorously market its brands both nationally and internationally.

The following brands have been launched and are managed by Surefire Franchise Developments:


3@1 Business Centre’s was launched in October 1999. As its logo indicates, 3@1 offers Courier, Photographic, Printing Services, Electronic Communication and Business Services and products from centrally located outlets. However, 3@1’s core focus is that of making easily accessible state-of-the-art electronic communication to the people of Southern Africa.

To date 68 franchises are in operation nation-wide, including Windhoek, Namibia. Stores are continuously opening around the country. Seventy further such stores are planned to be franchised in South Africa plus Master Licences appointed in other SADAC states over the next five years.


The company (previously trading as Caregivers RSA) has over eight years’ experience delivering Homecare to the community and are now at the point of expanding the business, through franchising, and want you to be part of it.

We have worked hard to develop a robust franchise model that will be just as successful as our own business. With a large number of territories available, franchisees have a great opportunity to establish themselves in their local community or a new one. Franchisees can operate within a business that not only provides them with lots of independence (to develop the business and to expand it as they see fit), but they will also work in an environment where they will receive a range of support services.