Surefire Franchise Developments

Assisted Home Nursing have over eight years’ experience delivering Homecare to the community and are now at the point of expanding the business, through franchising, and want you to be part of it.

The company developed a robust franchise model which it believes will be just as successful as its own business. This is an opportunity that franchisees can seize on to manage and run their own areas as there are a large number of territories available.

Franchisees can be assured that they will be some of the best supported franchisees in South Africa, thanks to the range of available support services. They can operate in a business that not only provides them with lots of independence to develop and expand as they see fit, thus giving them the flexibility that ensures some of the best possible care for clients.

Benefits of Supported Living

This enables people with physical disabilities or learning difficulties to take control of their own lives. It provides extra support to enable people to live in their chosen location and community and to access the facilities around them. The level of support provided is personalised to the individual’s needs and can include such things as:

  • Visiting a day centre
  • Going to the local shops or cinema
  • Helping to look after a pet
  • Keeping in touch with friends and social contacts

Assisted Home Nursing are renowned for the quality of care that they provide as they are sworn to delivering excellent quality care.

Their care philosophy is to treat each of their clients as an individual by looking after each client’s particular needs. They offer individual packages and highly personalised contracts to their clients.

Each of the franchisees receives a territory that is protected and that offers the potential for substantial growth over the term of the franchise agreement. Each franchisee will have a minimum of 100 000 people in their territory.

Franchising has been very successful within the domiciliary care market and Assisted Home Nursing place special emphasis on recruiting the right type of people; people who are ethical, hard-working and committed and who can be entrusted with managing the Assisted Home Nursing franchise in the local areas.

Under the Assisted Home Nursing system, franchisees do not necessarily have to have the right qualifications as required by the SANC or Skills Development Board. This is because they perform the role of a business manager, overseeing a team of people, one of whom has to be certified in terms of SANC requirements.