Surefire Franchise Developments


Surefire Franchise Development Services Corporation has since its inception in 1993, established and developed a dynamic portfolio of well-branded franchise operations.  Exciting concepts in the fields of business communication services; the retailing of paints and decor products; the retailing of pre-owned goods; retailing direct from manufacturers; and travel services have been included under the Surefire banner.

However, it is the growth of its core operations that is the essential focus of the group.  To this end, Surefire has embraced the concept of franchising. Surefire has recognised that in South Africa the opportunities that franchising affords for brand expansion are vast. (For example, 43% of all retail trade in the United States of America is conducted via franchised outlets, as compared with only 9% of the retail trade in South Africa). There is obviously much room for the growth of franchising in this country.

Furthermore, in the challenging economy in South Africa where employment opportunities are severely limited, a well-structured and closely monitored franchising concept affords individuals with little or no business acumen the infrastructure, guidance and goodwill necessary for sustainable business success. Successful small local franchises rapidly metamorphose into national and international chains. International expansion opportunities and the concomitant generation of foreign earnings are realistically achievable.

Given the wealth of the franchising, marketing and financial management expertise of Surefire’s key members, their hands-on operational control, and their focus on value-adding new brands, Surefire Franchise Developments carefully conceived expansion policies represent a “surefire” path to success.