Surefire Franchise Developments

Surefire 7 Steps

Surefire Franchise Developments provides a 7-step guide for entrepreneurs who are looking to purchase and operate a franchise in South Africa. The seven steps are:

1. Evaluate the business

We examine current operational procedures and market ng techniques in order to evaluate them in n terms of their Franchising feasibility. These procedures include a full review of financial controls, operating statements, marketing strategies and profit levels. We place special emphasis upon the exclusive characteristics of a particular business and conduct research into the Franchising potential of its specific operation. Should we find that the business is franchisable, we then provide comprehensive guidelines for a Surefire Franchise Development Program.

2. Recommend operational procedures

The next step is to recommend procedural changes that will improve the Franchising prospects of the business. Our Marketing Department may suggest improvements in order to strengthen the corporate image. In many cases our recommendations will make a borderline business franchisable. Other key areas are evaluated and appropriate recommendations made based upon our many years of experience.

3. Formulate franchise policies

In order to create an efficient and effective Franchising Programme we advise on the decision making regarding various areas including training, supervision, financial controls and the purchase of equipment, merchandise and supplies to Franchisees. Criteria of these decisions include efficiency and profitability, prevailing standards in the Franchise industry and the interpretation of relative laws. Our in-house knowledge of all these areas could prevent costly and embarrassing mistakes.

4. Determine service fees & royalties

We assist the company to determine the services that should be offered to Franchisees and the optimum level of Franchise fees and royalties after evaluating both Franchise management costs and current market conditions. We also assist with the evaluation of Franchise marketing budgets, based upon the recommended expansion rate

5. Structure the franchise agreement

The Franchise Agreement must be tailored to give the Franchisor the maximum protection for the business concept and to ensure the uniformity of operation so vital to a successful Franchise Program. In so doing it must define in full the services to be provided to the Franchisee and identify precisely his obligations. Itmust be comprehensive and cover numerous areas including the Territory to be granted to the franchisee, trade marks and their uses, training and assistance, advertising and the use and adherence to the operating manual. A Franchise Agreement must be a precise legal document and it should be based on a solid foundation.

6. Create and implement the marketing program

As the first step in the development of your Marketing Program we construct a Franchisee profile i n order to identify the type of person by net worth, professional background, vocational interest and geographical location. This profile will guide you in every phase of your Marketing and Sales Program. A marketing plan with proposals for the most effective method of reaching your Franchise prospects, including a breakdown of the costs for the campaign, will then be determined. Finally, we advise on the form of advertisements required to implement the plan and oversee their production and placement. All advertising material must be developed in accordance with the marketing material and must be approved by the professional advertising bodies prior to publication. Our Marketing Team is highly experienced in achieving development goals within these guidelines.

7. Devise and carry out the allocation program

Surefire Franchise Developments will utilise its established network to assist in the entire function of the Allocation Program. Using leads generated by the marketing plan, our National network can conduct preliminary interviews, evaluate the Franchisee prospects and make recommendations before the Franchisor clients receive the applicants at their offices and make their decisions. This right will always remain with the Franchisor.